For low-rise buildings

Max. Speed: 1m/sec
Max. Load: Up to 630 kg
Max. Travel: 24m
Max. Stops: 8 stops

For mid-rise buildings

Max. Speed: 1.75m/sec
Max. Load: Up to 2,000 kg
Max. Travel: 75m
Max. Stops: 24 stops

For high-rise buildings

Max. Speed: 4.0m/sec
Max. Load: Up to 1,600kg
Max. Travel: 120m
Max. Stops: 40 stops

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Intuitive functions, world-class elevators.

Intelligent & Responsive

Reliable operations

Durable to withstand high traffic and movement with low maintenance costs.
A sturdy chassis ensures a quiet and smooth ride even with a heavier load.
Experienced technical support.

Energy efficient

Up to 30% lesser power consumption with the gearless MagnetSync machine.
VVVF inverter controlled for higher energy savings.
Minimal energy consumption when elevator is in idle mode.

Safe & intelligent

Improved accessibility for those with special mobility requirements.
Enhanced safety features to protect passengers, especially children.
Smooth ride and entry/exit for fragile loads.

Modern designs

A wide range of visually appealing designs for every part of the cabin.
Versatile and flexible combinations to match the aesthetics of your building.
Hiqh quality and easy to care for finishes.