Small and mighty

Stable and reliable, NIPPON’s dumbwaiters are widely used in restaurants, hotels, dining halls, hospitals, shopping malls and luxury boutique stores to transport small-sized goods.


Load Carrying Ability: 100-500kg
Speed: 0.4m/s-1.0m/s
Load Carrying Ability: 100-500kg

Driving Mode:
Traction mode, hydraulic pressure mode and chain mode

Operation Mode:
Calling for the elevator outside

Working Mode:
Worktable and underground type

Structure Form:
Frame type and well path type

Door-opening Methods:
Up sliding door, revolving, stable door and automatic door

Direction of Door Opening:
Single direction, interpenetrating and right angle

Power Supply:

Available Configurations

PLC frequency conversion timing control

Elevator car door

Elevator car illumniation

Overload protection

Fans in elevator car

Disinfection equipment in elevator car

Automatic switch door system

Elevator car heatpresser

Front door wrap

Overload protection equipment

Functions of returning to the layer level

Communication functions of elevator lobby

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