World-standard elevators in your home

NIPPON Homelift is the first elevator manufactured specially for homes and residences utilising the innovative MagnetSync machine. Because it is designed for homes, NIPPON Homelift has taken every effort to enhance its safety features for every member of your family.

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Max. Speed: 1.0m/sec
Max. Load: Up to 450kg
Max. Travel: 12m
Max. Stops: 5 stops

Download and view our product catalogue and spec sheet here.

For customers from The Phillipines, download and view our product catalogue and spec sheet here.

Improving your quality of life

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Precision auto-leveling
Enter and exit smoothly

NIPPON Homelift aligns precisely with the nearest floor which allows for a smooth flow, especially of wheelchairs and trolleys. Our precision auto-leveling even extends to situations where an external fault causes the car to stop at a non-door zone. Once the fault is removed, the car intelligently re-level to the nearest floor and the door opens automatically.

Magic doors
Floor to ceiling beam sensors

NIPPON Homelift comes installed with beam sensors at its entrances. These highly responsive beam sensors are what detects passengers and objects. Upon detection, doors re-open for a much safer door operation. The full-height infrared beam sensors can detect even the smallest object to stop the doors from accidentally closing in.

Wireless control
Remotely summon your elevator

With wireless control, we are able to push the boundaries on accessibility. At any floor, you can now remotely summon your NIPPON Homelift even from a distance. This allows those in wheelchairs easier access into our elevators independently.

More & More Savings!

Lower Energy Consumption

The reduced physical size of the MagnetSync machine allows it to be installed in the hoistway overhead, thus eliminating the need for a separate machine room over the hoistway.


By removing the need for a separate room to house the machine:
• Rooflines remain clean
• Space can be fully optimised
• Construction costs considerably lowered

As all components are above ground, installation, maintenance and servicing are both easier and cheaper.


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