Easy mobility for beds, equipment and people.

With NIPPON Hospital Lift, patients and staff will be able to move smoothly and safely. NIPPON Hospital Lift provides optimum performance in this highly demanding environment.

It has a large capacity and wide opening doors to accommodate stretchers, beds, TOGETHER with accompanying staffs and medical equipment. NIPPON Hospital Lift is also specifically designed for high accessibility for those with special mobility requirements.

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Max. Speed: 1.75m/sec
Max. Load: Up to 2,000kg
Max. Travel: 75m
Max. Stops: 24 stops

Download and view our product catalogue and spec sheet here.

For customers from The Phillipines, download and view our product catalogue and spec sheet here.


A wide range of visually appealing designs for every part of the cabin.
Versatile and flexible combinations to match the aesthetics of your building.
High quality and easy to care for finishes.

Ergonomic functional sizes

Vertically and horizontally larger cabin size.
Fits bed, staff and medical equipment together easily.
Full-width wider entrance, with front and rear opening available.

Intelligent intuitive features

Hygienic, easy to clean cabin with better air circulation.
Improved accessibility for those with special mobility requirements.
Smooth ride and entry/exit for fragile loads.

Reliable efficient operations

Withstands high traffic yet maintain a quiet and smooth ride even with a heavier load.
VVVF inverter controlled for higher energy savings.
Experienced technical support.

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NIPPON Hospital Lift has everything you need for your medical facility.

Functional & Intuitive

Deeper cabins

Vertically and horizontally larger car sizes with wider doors to fit bed, staff and equipment together.

Two openings

Front and rear door fullwidth openings for easy entry and exit of beds and larger equipments.


Aligns precisely with the nearest floor allowing for a smooth flow of beds, wheelchairs and trolleys.

No noise

Runs quietly to prevent disturbances to patients near the elevator shaft.

Smooth ride

The heavy-duty machinery ensures rides are smooth for heavy and fragile loads.

Priority call

A car can be made available immediately during an emergency.

Delayed closing

A door closing time delay function can be added into the control operating panel.
Delayed closing is easily customised on-site.

Shielded lights

Lights in the cabin are lightly shielded so that they are not glaring for patients lying on the bed in the car.

Magic doors

Floor to ceiling beam sensors at the entrance detect even the smallest object to stop the doors from accidentally closing in.

Hygienic Features


Breathe easy

To ensure the air in the cabin remains fresh, a ventilating fan is installed for better air circulation. A special air-conditioning unit can also be installed to achieve a specific temperature which lessens the spread of germs and bacteria.

With a proper ventilating system, airborne moisture is pulled in before it can cause harm. Airborne moisture encourages the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause nasty odours and pose a potential health risk.

Cleans well

The surfaces of a NIPPON Hospital Lift are easy to clean, with no hard to reach places. Almost all surfaces of the Nippon Hospital Lift have no pores or cracks to harbour dirt, grime or bacteria.

This makes it ideal for any kind of medical facility, where constant cleaning is done. Even with constant cleaning, the surfaces of the lift handle aggressive and abrasive cleaning chemicals well without corrosion. Cleaning instantly becomes an easy to accomplish task.


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