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Nothing’s more important than keeping your loved ones safe.


Precision auto-leveling
Enter and exit smoothly

NIPPON Homelift aligns precisely with the nearest floor which allows for a smooth flow, especially of wheelchairs and trolleys. Our precision auto-leveling even extends to situations where an external fault causes the car to stop at a non-door zone. Once the fault is removed, the car intelligently re-level to the nearest floor and the door opens automatically.

Magic doors
Floor to ceiling beam sensors

NIPPON Homelift comes installed with beam sensors at its entrances. These highly responsive beam sensors are what detects passengers and objects. Upon detection, doors re-open for a much safer door operation. The full-height infrared beam sensors can detect even the smallest object to stop the doors from accidentally closing in.

Wireless control
Remotely summon your elevator

With wireless control, we are able to push the boundaries on accessibility. At any floor, you can now remotely summon your NIPPON Homelift even from a distance. This allows those in wheelchairs easier access into our elevators independently.

Unique cantilevered design.

A Scenic 360° View



We employ an L-Frame System where the guiderail occupies only one side of the elevator. Therefore, passengers in the cabin can enjoy a full scenic view without being blocked by the hoistway mechanism. This is one of the key unique features of our NIPPON Homelift series and Designer Lift series.

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Everything you expect from an elevator, and more!

More Features

Tough yet light

A sturdy chassis made from industrial lightweight steel provides a smooth ride even during heavy loads.

No noise

Runs quietly to prevent disturbances to people in rooms near the elevator shaft.

Full width doors

Doors are extra wide and pulls back completely so goods can go in and out without any hassle.

Smooth landing

Control system slows down the car from a distance for a smooth landing.

Brightly lit

The cabin is illuminated clearly to prevent any unforeseen incidents.

Breathe easy

A ventilating fan allows better air circulation even if the car is full of passengers.

Delayed closing

A door closing time delay function can be added into the control operating panel.
Delayed closing is easily customised on-site.

Parking shutdown

A key switch on the control operating panel allows the car to be parked so that loading and unloading can proceed uninterrupted.

No nuisance

If the numbers of registered car calls does not correspond to the car load, all calls are cancelled to avoid unnecessary stops.

Saves Space For Total Design Freedom

No Machine Room Needed

The reduced physical size of the MagnetSync machine allows it to be installed in the hoistway overhead, thus eliminating the need for a separate machine room over the hoistway.


By removing the need for a separate room to house the machine:
• Rooflines remain clean
• Space can be fully optimised
• Construction costs considerably lowered

As all components are above ground, installation, maintenance and servicing are both easier and cheaper.

More & More Savings!

Lower Energy Consumption


Costs Savings In Idle Mode


When it comes to energy, it’s the little things that eventually will add up. This is why we find ways to minimise energy consumption when the elevator is idle.
• Doors slowly close when they have remained open for longer than preset time
• Car lighting is switched off automatically when the car is not in use.
• Ventilation fan is turned off when the car is not in use.
• Indicators are dimmed when not in use.
• Drive machinery automatically lapses into idle mode when no activity is detected after a period of time.


Costs Savings By Using LED


By replacing conventional incandescent light bulb with LED, power consumption for lighting an elevator cabin is greatly reduced by up to 50%.
The use of LED also lowers the temperature inside the cabin as there is less heat generated.
The use and advantages of LED is extended to displays and indicators. Cost of maintenance is considerably lowered due to the longer lifespan of LEDs. The lifespan of one LED is 25 times longer than one conventional incandescent light bulb.