The most reliable workhorse you’ll ever need

NIPPON Goods Lift is specifically designed for moving freight and heavy cargo. Sturdy enough to withstand rough treatment, NIPPON Goods Lift provides a smooth ride to handle fragile loads, leveling accuracy for easy loading and unloading, and wide doors that maximize in-car space.

NIPPON Goods Lift’s exceptional power and performance, can be called instantaneously to meet all demanding requirements of warehouses.

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Max. Speed: 1.0m/sec
Max. Load: Up to 5,000kg
Max. Travel: 40m
Max. Stops: 12 stops

Download and view our product catalogue and spec sheet here.

For customers from The Phillipines, download and view our product catalogue and spec sheet here.

Designed specifically for automobiles

Car Lift

What makes NIPPON Car Lift exceptional is that it is designed specially for lifting and moving vehicles.
It is fitted with our innovative traction machinery for a smooth movement of the vehicles, and is completed with guide-rail arrangement, precision auto-leveling, safety and protective features and an interior which is spaced to fit automobiles of various widths and lengths.


Two control operating panels

There are two control operating panels in the cabin. Therefore, the driver can operate the elevator from inside the vehicle without stepping out of it.

Bright anti-collision strip

A bright yellow anti-collision strip protects the inner wall of the elevator from being damaged in a collision. It’s bright shade of yellow serves as a warning reflector.

Front & rear door opening available

NIPPON Car Lift has the option for front and rear door opening. This makes it easier, more convenient and safe for vehicles to enter and exit the elevator.

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Power and performance to meet the most demanding requirements.

Heavy duty workhorse

Carries up to 5,000kg with ease

The car chassis, made from industrial lightweight steel, is specially strengthened which provides a smooth ride even while a heavier load is onboard. The bottom of the car has double reinforcement to bear heavy weights. This allows NIPPON Goods Lift to carry loads of up to 5,000kg while running quietly to prevent disturbances to people, accommodation or offices near the elevator shaft.

Overload switch

To prevent overloading, our elevator is cleverly fitted with a weighing switch which restricts elevator movement until the extra weight is taken off the car.
When overloading is triggered, doors remain open, car does not move, the alarm buzzes on until enough load is removed.

Anti-skid flooring

The flooring of the car is an anti-skid checkered steel plate. Even if it is stained by grease, it will still produce a friction strong enough to prevent people or cargo from sliding off. Choose from a selection of:
• Checked aluminium flooring or
• Rubber flooring (black)

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NIPPON Goods Lift has everything you need for your warehouse.

Safe & Intelligent

Deeper cabins

Vertically and horizontally larger car sizes to fit forklifts, machinery, cargo and

Full width doors

Doors are extra wide and pulls back completely so goods can go in and out without any hassle.


Aligns precisely with the nearest floor allowing for a smooth flow of fragile loads, trolleys and forklifts.

Bypass full loads

When car load reaches maximum capacity, hall calls will be ignored to reduce unnecessary stops.

Brightly lit

The cabin is illuminated clearly and directly to prevent any accidents from happening.


During a fire, flood or earthquake, the car moves to preset floor, lands and opens doors for evacuation.

Delayed closing

A door closing time delay function can be added into the control operating panel. Delayed closing is easily customised on-site.

Parking shutdown

A key switch on the control operating panel allows the car to be parked so that loading and unloading can proceed uninterrupted.

Magic doors

Floor to ceiling beam sensors at the entrance detect even the smallest object to stop the doors from accidentally closing in.


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